Nick barely escaping with the Necronomicon.

Nick barely escaping with the Necronomicon.

Nick Kremenek

Born with a passion for the Arts, Nick began his endeavor as an artist at the age of six. His initial love for the medium began with fantasy artwork which has since evolved. Since the days of crayons and paste, Nick has ventured into the world of graphite, paint, digital, fictional, reality, and beyond.  His ability to transform artwork into landscapes of illustrations landed him the opportunity to be published not once, but four times. In addition to creating realms of visual realities, Nick has an acute eye for capturing life in portraits rendered.  He has engulfed himself in expanding his horizons, taking every opportunity to refine his skills as a Graphic Designer.

After many years of experience under his belt, Nick has expanded his skills as a designer, venturing into the worlds of fashion, packaging, corporate identity, and entertainment. Always looking forward to learning new skills to hone, Nick is now learning more about Web Design and Digital Painting.

In addition to being an accomplished artist, Nick discovered his love for music at age eight. After many years of singing in several choirs and being the lead singer in a couple of bands, he has come to learn, love & appreciate all aspects of music.

Nick currently resides in Southern California. with his son, Trevor (who has begun to walk in his proud father’s footsteps, showing an interest at the age of eight for art and singing as well.)