New Years Resolutions 2016 Style

8:49 AM — Nick Kremenek

Well I mentioned that I need to make changes. So I've come up with a working list of things that I can feasibly do (because that trip to Europe may not be in the cards this year but one can hope).

- AT LEAST ONE PERSONAL DRAWING PER MONTH: Last year I was commissioned to draw 15 illustrations and even though it kicked my ass, I felt invigorated being that creative again.  I did one in January for my friend James (not a commission so this counts) and I have a few in mind that I can do this month.

- SPEND MORE TIME WITH LOVED ONES: I've noticed as I get older the importance of family. And with my parents' health not-so slowly deteriorating, I realize that I need to see them more often to help them remember that they are not alone (and forgive me for bringing up the mortality factor but I want to spend as much time as my busy life allows while I still have them). On the same note, time with my son and girlfriend is important as well. They are very important parts of my life and a good way for me to show them that is to simply spend quality time with them. And last (but certainly not least) is too spend time with the friends that bring out the best in me and help me be the better version of myself. That's why you have those people in your life, right? To enrich your soul and help you see things you can't see on your own.

- LOSE WEIGHT AND GET IN SHAPE: I put this lower on the list not because of its lesser importance but because it always seems to be the first on everyone's list and the first to fall on the wayside. I'm now in the worst shape I've ever been and now that I've hit 40, it's important more than ever to fix that issue. I had started to work out with a friend after work but now that he's moved out of state, I need to find the drive within myself to do this. This will not be an easy goal but I've done it before solo. I can do this again.

- DO MORE THINGS THAT INSPIRE MY SOUL: I just saw a Cirque du Soleil show this last weekend (thank you so much Ted and Ashley!) and it was truly breathtaking. It was filled with so much beauty and art and music and fantastic wonder that I was reinvigorated to want to do art again. It reminded me that I need to continue to enrich my life with these aspects. Whether that is video games or movies or traveling or theater shows or museums or live bands or more shows like this (definitely!), I need creativity to be a part of me so I can then be creative as well in order to do what I do. 

I'm sure there are many other things I can put on this list but I think this is a good start. Everyone has to start somewhere. And because this year has started so harshly filled with loss and sickness, I'm starting this new year off now. It's time to turn 2016 around completely and make it a better one.