Time to kick this new year in the teeth..

First off, I can't believe that it's been since 2014 since I've written in this blog. But that just reinforced my belief that something needed to change.  

Every year, we all come up with New Year's Resolutions to stick with for our "reboot thy self" mentality. For me, most of the time I get too busy (or lose interest) in my self-help list and fall back into old habits. I mean let's face it: change is scary and usually not an easy task. But as I see how this year has started and how we've already lost some beloved souls from this world (David Bowie, Alan Rickman and several others), I can't help but search into my soul and realize that I need to make some changes to make my life better for me and others around me. Not necessarily in the physical department (we all jump on that band wagon in the new year and I know I really need to work on that)  but also in a more mental and spiritual sense to make me happier. My soul needs more meaning and fullfillment and I mean to have that. Depression is a real thing and this artist is intent to not let that get the better of me any longer.